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The founders spend over 1 year and 100+ deep interactions with restaurant owners and operators across multiple high volume markets to understand the biggest challenges in kitchen operations. The result is a co-created way to see your entire operation, vertically anchored with inventory management.

A team made up of restaurateurs, technologists, and marketers, with over 3 decades of experience across the F&B economy, spanning from GCC to Pakistan.

We are currently operational in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman and United Arab Emirates.

Additional markets will be revealed closer to launch. If you are outside our coverage, let us know here and we will get in touch.

Don’t worry. You will find an explanation about the categories with some examples inside each template we provide. Our team is available to guide you through the initialization process. Click here to get support.

Yes! Our platform supports Arabic language. If you already have the the information ready to upload, you can proceed. In case you need help with the translation, we can take care of that for you. (Offer valid For a Limited Time Only)

Yes! Our inventory allows multi-type categorization, such as inventory for both consumable as well as non-consumable items. These can be raw materials, vegetables, utensils, packaging, cleaning material, etc. How else can you truly value the investment of every item you sell?

No, you can upload all of them once only by a bulk upload.

Uploading recipes is something optional to you, so if you want us to do that it will be a pleasure.

Yes, for sure we are here to help you in doing that, but you have to learn also for the next times and do not worry about this step because it is so simple and easy, besides we have some walkthrough sessions to teach you how.

Thers are mainly 4 sessions, but we will do more if you need.

Current features being offered as a part of Inventory Management are:

    • Bulk Upload of Inventory
    • Add/ Edit Inventory Items
    • Categorization of inventory items
    • Managing inventory items by updating stock
  • Current features in the Menu Management are:
  • Bulk Upload of Inventory 
  • Categorization of menu items
  • Managing menu items

No, there are no installation fees. Our platform is cloud-based web application, you may not be required to purchase any hardware. You could have the platform running on any device with a web browser.

Yes, the Customer Success team will be there at all times to ensure that everything is working fine.

Yes, we provide 4 walkthrough sessions in the beginning. However this is not limited and our Customer Success team will be reachable if any additional training is needed.

The training is conducted over 45 minutes to 1 hour zoom sessions, where we walk you through the platform and its functionalities.

The platform offers:
– Dine-in
– Takeaway
– Delivery

Yes, our POS offers PCI certified payment solutions.

jalebi can assist any type of food service business, including restaurants, cafes, food trucks, catering companies, and more. We can help with tasks such as menu creation, inventory management, online ordering, and customer engagement. Additionally, we can provide insights and analytics to help improve business operations and make data-driven decisions.

Yes, multiple zones can be added to our platform. You can select a variety of Zones that you have in the restaurant such as Indoors, Outdoors etc.

Yes, you can assign customers based on the party size and the availability of the tables.

We try our best to onboard our restaurant owners in the minimum time that we can. It usually takes 2 weeks to be onboarded, however, this also depends on how quickly they are able to provide the details we need from their side.

Not as much as you think. Not as much as you’re used to.

How much will you be willing to pay for the value of reducing your cost to service an order?

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