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We are jalebi.
The B2B interface between a food business and its on-demand ecosystem partnerships.
We enable the content and data value-chain, with a modular API-based platform.
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What is jalebi?

Other than a deliciously decadent dessert, it is a technology company that is working really hard with folks in the food industry to understand and solve a fundamental problem that starts in the kitchen and ends on a plate – operational efficacy and profitability with easy streamlined intervention by technology.

One Platform to Untangle your Technology

Unify the experience across your kitchen operation and the on-demand order aggregation, delivery operations value-chain.

We enable enabling seamless information flow between restaurants and on-demand partners, enabling transparency, efficiency and growth, with data-rich insights

Universal Menu

Update once and sync anywhere, accessible from any device on the go!

Smart Order Management

Omni channel experience for your consumers' order with you. Bundled with smart recommendations engine.

Sky Kitchens

One brand, multiple locations, transform your outlet into a cloud-kitchen or manage multiple outlets from one place

Aggregator Integrations

Our API brings cost optimizations and operational efficacy for aggregators.

Solving the Chaos in Food Technology

Technology for food businesses gets very messy.
On average, a restaurant needs 4- 5, from inventory to point of sale to menu and order management to delivery and more.

Learn jalebi's approach toward solving food technology.

One Universal Menu

It’s enough to manage a kitchen operation.

Turning your chopping counter into technology storage is 😱

Streamline menu content, integrate with aggregators, sync menus, see real-time financial and operational impact, on the fly from a single interface, from anywhere.

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Efficiency = Profit and Growth

We impact the entire content and data value-chain

Saving Restaurants and Aggregators and Delivery Platforms >20% in operating costs and lost revenue. 

Food businesses, Restaurateurs and Home chefs fight to turn a profit


OPEX Reduction Per month

Delivery operators struggle with operating costs and acquisition costs


Profit margins per Sale

Customers worry for timely meals, value & experience which often is disconnected



Jalebi as Open API

An Open API Framework

Sounds fancy.

jalebi simplifies the clutter with a turn-key API platform that can massively scale.

Making us the platform of choice to untangle your technology and enjoy running a food business.

Why jalebi?

First in MENAP region building microservices with an Open API model for restaurants, cloud kitchens, aggregators & delivery operators.

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We are a team of restaurateurs, technologists, and marketers, with over 3 decades of experience across the F&B economy, spanning from GCC to Pakistan.

We are launching to serve partners in the UAE, Oman, and Pakistan.

You tell us and let’s make a deal. How much will you be willing to pay for the value we help you achieve? Our model starts with a free-to-use with no commitment and scales to usage and subscriptions as your needs evolve.

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Enabling Food Technology

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