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Built with deep insights, working with restaurant owners.

We co-created technology that truly works for you by trimming the fat and serving only the things you need most.

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Seamlessly see everything; from inventory purchases through customer orders.

From cash out to cash in, control your cost as you consume inventory across the entire operations.



You Get.

Supply Management

Streamline suppliers with our CRM and simplify your restocking and ordering.

menu management
Universal Menu

Your restaurant’s single source of truth; synced everywhere, from anywhere.

Smarter Inventory

Inventory integrated with menus and never make a bad sale or run out of stock.

Intelligent Recipes

Autonomously sync recipes and menus, with real-time consumption and options.

Smarter Orders

A superhighway of streamlined sales data visualization and decision-making.

Insightful Reporting

The true cost of food through its movement, down to each grain of salt that Bae sprinkles.

Working Hard To

Simplify Chaos

In Your Kitchen,

Minimizing Waste, While Increasing Transparency

Restaurant technology gets very messy.


On average, a restaurant can have 4 to 5 different systems
Without communicating, they create pitfalls in collections, reconciliation and decisions.

"jalebi not only helps operators achieve the benefits (e.g. improved margin) of inventory management, it also provides them with a user-friendly interface and painless integration across the entire operation, from sourcing supplies to servicing customers."

Peter Schatzberg,

Founder Sweetheart Kitchens, Partner Shatranj Capital Partners

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A Customer-First Approach

Everyone has favourites. And we want everyone to get along.

jalebi.io offers easy-to-configure features that will work well with other platforms and tools you love to use.

Making us the platform of choice to untangle your technology and enjoy running your food business.

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What's Inside​

Group 212


What's Inside​

Group 212


Experience jalebi.io's approach to food cost.

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The founders spend over 1 year and 100+ deep interactions with restaurant owners and operators across multiple high volume markets to understand the biggest challenges in kitchen operations. The result is a co-created way to see your entire operation, vertically anchored with inventory management.

We are launching to serve partners in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Additional markets will be revealed closer to launch. If you are outside our coverage, let us know here and we will get in touch.

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