We co-created technology that truly works for you by trimming the fat and serving only the things you need most.


We Are

A Techstars-backed and the world’s only inventory-first Restaurant Operating System.
We reinvented technology for the F&B industry, building it from the bottom up, anchored by inventory, optimizing cost and efficiency, tackling wastage, theft, erratic resupplies, and operational oversight while integrating the most important parts of the business in harmony.

jalebi is designed for you, by your peers. Just like the sweet, we hope to inspire opportunity and positive change for businesses struggling with cost and operational pain in the kitchen.



Zohare Haider

Zohare Haider

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rizwan Ahmed Khan

Rizwan Ahmed Khan

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer (CPO)



Through The Years

Ours was  big – “Can we build something valuable for the f00d and beverage industry, focused on a B2B play that leverages our existing knowledge and resources, addressing a pain point that is not being solved by existing approaches and solutions?”

May 2020

Breaking New Ground – Laid the foundation of jalebi.io, not the epic dessert, popular in over 20 countries

Jul 2020

A New Identity – The name jalebi is chosen because

They have 2 endpoints, just like APIs

They don’t discriminate

They are delicious

Mar 2021

The FIRST Push – Zohare became full-time CEO

Apr 2021

The FIRST Check – Signed our first Angel, enabling us to build MVP #1

Jun 2021

The FIRST Nod  – Sheraa Sharjah took us in, helped start our customer discovery

Jul 2021

The FIRST Believer – Ahmad Bondouq, a customer turned colleague (the story)

Oct 2021

Then Three Founders – Rizwan (CPO) and Mubashar (CTO) take the full-time plunge🕺

Nov 2021

The FIRST Whoa – When Techstars said yes

Dec 2021

The BIG Shift – Making our 3rd and final product shift to be inventory-first

Jan 2022

The Last MVP – Built from scratch in 30 days, launched and tested to start a sellable product

Feb 2022

The Big Pitch – Graduated Techstars, with angel investment to boot 🙌

Mar 2022

 Wheels in Motion – We are validated and now raising funds and building fast

Apr 2022

Go Beta Go – April 15, our private beta product goes live with 2 early adopters

May 2022

Investors in Hand – 3 months since graduating and we already securing over 16 investors 

Jun 2022

Recruiting our People – With money in hand, we use unconventional tactics to find our dream team

Jul 2022

Long Hot Summer – Not all is rosy, we hit a few speed bumps and product got delayed

Aug 2022

Ducks Line Up – Back on track, new killer features to boot, we start readying for launch

Sep 2022

Live Public Beta – From Sept 1, our baby is in the market, onboarding customers