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Moamen Baker Shades Coffee & Oats

I am so pleased with your product, I have never seen such an easy system like this before. I am in love with the whole inventory management, it is extremely simple and easy, and the team was very friendly and supportive!

Ahmad Nejm (Hashem Restaurant)

Through our use of the system, the system is fast, accurate, and helps a lot in making decisions.

It also helped us a lot in reducing costs and raising operating efficiency.

Sarah Al-Bulushi, Tropical

jalebi has really helped us achieve operational efficiency in a short period! We are already able to control our waste while managing our cost! We cannot wait to use the next available features.

Ahmad Bondouq, Market Developer at (ex-restaurateur)

The vision I have seen the first time I met you has become true as an ex-restaurateur and expert in the F&B industry I’m thrilled to be now part of this journey, jalebi officially now operational and making the life easier to any F&B business in controlling and reducing the cost,waste and theft.

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